Monday, August 25, 2008

Last Call


The nights are getting cooler, the days shorter, and the shoes more DARING than ever! 

These vixen-esque peep toe BOOTIES make make me want to whip on a pair of my tightest skinny jeans and the tiniest top I can get my hands on and stomp around town like it's all my own (not that I don't EVERY night).
These booties are the Steven by Steve Madden collection's way of easing us resistant summer loving ladies into the fall. They have the winter look of leather and above the ankle coverage but keep the reminiscent summer feel with the peep toe action so you can still have your last summer pedicure in the season's hottest wacky color take it's last breath of fresh air before our toes go into hibernation for some months. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lovel-E Item

Ladies - You're gonna LOVE LACEY!

My personal style obsession has got to be hands down accessories.

I think that accessories are the key to any cute, sassy, hip, or chic outfit. All too often, I've read magazines/blogs that criticize women for making the mistake of wearing too many additions to an outfit and calling it hauty or overdone but I don't think it's possible to ever go wrong with what you feel expresses you...

The accessories men and women choose to wear are a pseudo-second language of our personal self expression. Yes, ofcourse our choices in fashion do this as well but sometimes your personal fashion sense may not be appropriate for a certain setting so the only way to express yourself other than to do it through style is through the subtle language of accessorizing.

Lacey Ryan's jewelry is exclusive to her online website and I have found is the perfect opposing argument to anyone who thinks that you can over accessorize. Her pieces are simple and dainty yet irresistable and gorgeous. You can wear one and feel refined and polished or layer multiple pieces from her site together to create your own bohemian fabulous look.

*WARNING* layering her pieces can be highly addictive once you get your hands on a few and see how fabulously they compliment each other. You won't seem to be able to stop yourself from wanting all the charm combinations and different styles she offers of bracelets and necklaces.
We think she should start making rings and earrings too!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Hot Spot

Four Fab Finds @ Urban's Bleeker Location!

There is nothing like having a space to call your own. Whether you're flying solo into your very own starter apartment, moving in with your bestest or your main-squeeze your decorating style most definitely brings out the you in your space. And I think we can all agree that the key word here, ladies, is DECORATE.
There is no better place to get your new abode cozy, comfy, and stylish than at
Urban Outfitters on Bleeker.
Despite the fact that this location is in tourist-city & often overly priced SoHo, the home decor section
of this Urban seems to be quite the undiscovered gem. Not only is it organized to a T (kitchenware here, bedding there, coffeetable books & knick knacks clearly over there, etc.) but it's also pretty darn crowd free, which of course makes it Stress Free.
No matter what your personal style in decor may be, you can bet this Urban Outfitter has got it. Not quite ready to break bank on an original Basquiat? Why not check out Biddy Maroney Wall Art, which is priced at an affordable $50 and also just happens to be part of the limited edition NYLON Artist Product Series.
Tired of your furniture disappearing beneath the collection of dresses and flowy tunic tops you tried on this morning while ironing your hair, looking for your keys and changing your bag? There's never enough time in the morning and, inconveniently enough, never enough hangers to not leave a mess to come home to after work.
For only 18 bucks you can bring some effortless order back into your bedroom, sit back on your rediscovered ottoman, and enjoy the Graphic Double Hook.
Perhaps, you're more of a creative-do it yourself type? Not a problem. For $40 you can add a subtle yet more personal touch to your new
ly christened walls with a Set of 25 Wallflower Decor, which can be mounted to metal (each is magnetized!) or any wall with included tacks.

Friends of friends will certainly be begging to attend YOUR housewarming party. Cheers!

MUST Have of the Week

Wrap your head around this
GENIUS new get-up!

Save your money, the summer's almost over =( but if everything in your closet's already been photographed and tagged endlessly on Facebook then the Le Sac Dress from American Apparel is your god-sent.

For only $32 (a STEAL) you can have 7 dresses in ONE...even more if you get a little creative or don't mind getting a little funky ;) Above are just two adorable ways to use the straps that come in VARIOUS colors and prints, that's right ladies - they come in metallic hues, animal prints, and neons too! The dress itself also comes in a variety of colors and patterns to make it as ecclectic or dressy as you want. It's one size fits all and the only problem I had when searching for the perfect color combo was that there were just so many combinations and each store had a completely different selection. You may want to scout out a few different store locations before you make your final choice on the style that just screams your name. In the meanwhile, don't forget to put any styles you may like on hold while you're searching, the girls at the store on 59th and Columbus Circle say they're "flying off the racks!".

In the Know with Nix -Today's Tips

If you are reading this site then you are by no means a shopping novice.

And we don't expect you to be in order to enjoy and appreciate the tips on this site but Nix (that's us!) wants to enhance your expertise in the art that is shopping. Thanks to the wonderful wireless technology of the Blackberry and iPhone (love them) you can stay connected to our daily updates and tales of two silly twenty-something year olds in NYC trying to manage their money, time, and most importantly-their sense of style.

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